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Yellow side stripes


c5alive has been selling the same yellow side stripes for a number of years now, before I took over the site in 2008. It is expensive tape, but seems up to the job and I'm very happy with what we use. As an additional test, I tend to fit the offcuts to my motorbike (which is used all year round,in all weathers, 70miles a day) and it has stood up to some serious abuse so I feel it is more than capable of surviving on a c5.

There has been a concern raised that trimming the tape causes damage and allows water ingress/deterioration of the tape.

This is not something I've seen happen to any of the c5's that I have fitted the tape to, so do not see this as a problem. The stripes have been on Moneypit and Dave for quite a while now - the only damage I've seen has been caused by scraping against kerbs,walls etc. and these c5's have been out in some horrible weather (rain and snow) and get washed with a hosepipe regularly.

Has anyone experienced problems with the tape ? I don't intend to seek an alternative until I'm sure there is a problem .

I have the same type of tape on mine, and i think the trouble is when it is cut, if you get a nice clean cut it should be fine, if not then you may get water into it, but i have never had that problem with any of these tapes and have been using them for years on cars and vans in all weathers.


Retro Andy:
I've had no problems with mine, and it looks so much better with them than leaving old worn one's on.

Retro Andy. 

Mine has been fine too, Kerbs are the tape enemy..


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