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Victron AGM and PBQ battery

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As an alternative for the expensive Optima batteries I am contemplating using this battery (maybe two):


Anyone got any experience with AGM type batteries ?

Ton C5:
AGM battery are like gel batteries, so called deep cycle batteries.
i ve got a victor 80 ah gel battery. it gives me good mileages .
not cheap but worth it .

For balance I would like to mount two 38 Ah, is your C5 not a bit heavy on one side with a single 80 Ah ?

Ton C5:
Yes it has about 27 KG more on the lefthand side.
is it a problem, no not in my opinion . the weight is low and close to the wheel.
you could go for 2 smaller ones on each side, with a switch of put em parallel.

normal battery clams don't fit on those batteries, made a new wireharnas with an anderson connector.
try to make a picture of it tomorrow

Ton C5:
Had a look today, i ve got a 60 ah not 80 ah battery, but it does goed mileage.

and i made a new wireloom to connect it all

don't cut the wires. just open the controlbox and disconnect them


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