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Is it possible to build a home made chassis

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Soz just trying somthing

OK then.Spaceframe, using airframe tube,would give stiffness(if you've done your calculations right) and lightness. Make it in a jig for accuracy, and use TIG.


--- Quote from: Jadodide on  01, April, 2014  - 22:27:52 ---Alright guys thanks for the positive feedback. Nice to here from you karl I thorght you where out of the game for a whole!
Thanks guys 8)

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I'm keeping a low profile  ;) When I first took over the site in 2008 it was awkward having the previous owner still posting away as it gave the impression nothing had changed. I didn't want that to happen to the new owners here so I've stepped back, which seems only fair  8)

Plus, with a v8 Jeep along with my MGF and motorbike I've plenty of toys demanding my time !


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