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Sinclair batteries

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I purchased these from Adam Harper in 2006, and they have served me well.

Obviously they are a good choice for the C5 , and a must if you want to keep absolute originality, but they are not cheap . They work in conjunction with the grey battery top and the keyswitch assembly.

I used a set of these on the London-Brighton run, when "Moneypit" was configured as a twin-battery set-up & using two keyswitch assemblies and grey battery tops.

The range was excellent, getting me from Lambeth Bridge in London to Redhill  8)

Mine are now getting a bit tired and starting to under-perform, so the range has dropped ,but they have been well used !


I always thought that the original Sinclair batteries were white ? is that a copy version ?

you are spot on - the originals are white , I've got quite a stockpile of "dead" ones which I use to keep my gazebo weighed down  ;D

The red ones are the modern replacements that Adam Harper now sells.

I have just bought the new type original battery from Sinclair vehicles it's a black one and I'll be sure to update here with how i get on with it. Thus new ones are black. So it's gone White, Red, Black. Lol

Retro Andy:
Umpa, you should go on mastermind with your specialist subject:-       The original components of the Sinclair C5  ;D

Retro Andy


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