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Derailuer Hub - anyone tried fitting one?

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Just wondered if anyone has ever managed to fit a derailuer and a 7speed hub to a C5? If so what do you need? Could definitely help going uphill and get more speed out the beast on the flat!

Have fitted sturmey archer hubs (not derailleur) to 2 c5's which worked well, the issue with derailleur gears is the limited amount of space available and the lack of ground clearance with the derailleur hanging down. The hub's I've fitted have been 3 speed and have made the c5 more usable with low start off gear, middle cruising gear and high gear for pedalling anything up to about 20 mph.


I am doing that mod atm. Can you send me/ upload some pics please? i need to see the bracket you have used to hold the sturmey archer (what did you make it from? Alu or steel?) also how many teeth are on each cog!



Sounds good, any pics?

How did you move the drive cog on the drive shaft, and what spec Sturmey archer did you use?

Hi I have picked  two Sachs s7 super  7 speed hubs one compete with cable and twist grip and one without  but hope to find one on EBay later . So as soon as I get back from my holidays I will be starting a new restoration with one of the 7 speed hubs in place but before I start on the C5  restoration I will be stripping the hubs down and cleaning and greasing them and also making sure they work I know the one with the twist grip works as I tested it before taking it off the bike ..
The Gear ratios are as follow

1st gear = 0.59
2nd  "    = 0.69
3rd   "    = 0.81
4th Direct drive
5th. "     = 1.24
6th  "     = 1.48
7th. ".    = 1.69
That is at it was on the bike but it will change when I put the other cog on (if I can get it welded on ok )
Bye Chas


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