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Flashing lights

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Although the c5 has two large reflectors built into the rear light assembly, for peace of mind I still like to make sure I can be seen by other road users.

To help make the c5 more visible I've been adding various types of flashing lights, some have proved to be better than others.

The cheapest was from one of the "pound shops" ;

Although this was really cheap, it wasn't that good. The batteries kept falling out causing the light to stop working. Even when it was working, the light wasn't very bright.

The lens broke when opening the casing to replace the batteries, and now the bracket that holds the light has also snapped. :(

Even though it costs so little, it cannot be recommended 

This is the light fitted, upside down, to the bottom of the boot on "Moneypit"

It was purchased 2 years ago from Argos as part of a cycling set, and has been excellent.

The casing was damaged when the boot fell off (should use boot clips !), but despite this the light still works. Nice and bright, and with various display "modes", the batteries seem to last for ever due to the low energy consumption of the LED's.

Quite happy with this one  :)

This is another excellent light ;

It costs less than £10 from Halfords and is a good strong design. The LED's are nice and bright and the batteries last well. The only downside is that it doesn't have various "modes" - just fixed light, or flashing  :(. The light from Argos has various display modes, which I like  :)

I've fixed it to the specially made bracket that supports the hi-vis flag fitted to "moneypit".

Works well and good value. Recommended. ;)


This is my 'Blue Peter' home made special based on the original High Mast design with a TL-LD610-R Cat Eye on top.

The Cat Eye has various modes, from constant, flashing, 'Cyclon/Knight Rider' back and forth mode and runs on two AAA batteries. It is very visible, bright and has 30 hour (constant) - 60 hour (flashing) run time. Costs about £18 from most bike shops.

Had it's first real test run when we had some nasty weather at the Horsham Pub run meet, and reports from those behind me was that it made me very visible even from some considerable distance away.

Mk II model will have a couple of reflective material bars going across and happy to negotiate with Karl advertising space on one for a free C5alive sticker!



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