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Pod + wiring wanted


Hello all
I have just received my C5 from Ebay someone has converted it to work with two batteries, and it has a horn and indicators and lights which all work. But it has a pod case but no electrics or electrics going to the pod.
Is their any where I can get a pod as I would like to know how much juice I have in the battery and I may also Need a new wiring loom if they are available from any where. as the wiring is a bit of a state.

..is the twin battery conversion set up to run as 24v , or a "long range" 12v ?

There was one on ebay recently that had a twist grip throttle - when I contacted the vendor he said it was a 24v conversion.

Just curious if this is the one you purchased ?

Hello Karl

I suspect it could be as it dose have a twist grip throttle and the wiring looks to be modified as it is in a right mess and dose not have the same shaped control box as I see detailed in your control box repair picture.
and it has a fan glued on to the box.

The one i Purchased was sold on the 26th may 2009.
The sellers name was Kristian Smith and he comes from Darlington,Co.Durham


hope this helps.

That is the 24v conversion c5, it looks like it may have a similar set-up as my c5 known as "voodoo" .

If you want to keep it "as is" then don't bother with a pod as they don't work with these conversions - just get a small battery meter, c5martin sorted mine out. He also overhauled the electrics for me as well, so it might be an idea to speak with him if you need some pointers.

Lastly, it's only advice , but I'd recommend resisting the urge to maximise its performance and reduce the settings. Voodoo has been running on the lowest settings since 2007, and has only just stripped its gearbox.  A maxed out one will eat its gearbox in about 2hours...but it's an absolute scream while it lasts  :o ;D.



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