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Wing mirrors and Padded seat wanted

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Hi guys

I asked on a last post about a pair of wing mirrors and was advised they were going to be around £65 a Pair, does someone have a pair they want to sell and if not where can I get a pair from I am willing to trade parts as well? Also does anyone know of a good alternative that looks good, I have some car mirrors but they are really heavy and am reluctant to fit them

Also I am after a padded seat to protect my paint spray, are these hard to come by what sort of price and again where can I get one from again I am willing to trade parts as well

I have a pod,control box, front wheel should (might trade), brake handles,grips and motor if any of these are desirable trades?


are you willing to sell con box and pod if they work cheers i have posted all my details on the wanted bit if you need any cheers

I have quickly put a battery to the parts when they were on and the lights came on but never used them so they would be untested so cannot guarantee performance

ok pm me with a price

Retro Andy:
I got a padded seat from Adam Harper, it was £29.00, but dont think you will find one anywhere else and i know he is on his last box, so when they are gone you won't be able to get one.

Retro Andy   


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