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Rear bearing & big wheel for belt

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Ok, I'll try next time when I by my C5.

At the moment I'm looking to get some spares (good to have one)
But I have a small problem some sellers from ebay UK won't send to
other countries.
Here now my question: Is it possible that I advise local UK shipments
to someone here, and he/she send it further/forward to me (Germany)?
I have paypal, so no problem to pay additional shipping costs to Germany.

I think the main problem here is that the C5 is very large and difficult to secure for safe transport. Also if there were a problem and you opened a dispute and win the uk seller would lose out completley as the return shipment price would likley be more than the c5 is worth.

Most C5's on eBay are rough unless you pay big money hence people don't want the Extra hassle of shipping.

Yeah that I understand. Btw I don't need a third one :) I have now two since last sunday :)
And regarding only spares like motor, gearbox etc. which are currently running on ebay uk?

Have you tried contacting the sellers direct and asking them if they would be happy to send items to you ?

I'm guessing that most sellers on Ebay are probably shying away from selling abroad because they fear it may be too much hassle.
I've sent stuff abroad from the UK, as long as cost of postage is agreed beforehand & payment is received first, there shouldn't be any problems.

Some UK EBay Users will send it after I ask them - Some won't.
That makes it difficult for me, because spares are more on uk market places...

But I guess I need some small balls from the bearings both are damaged and
bearing balls are missed! My second C5 will stay a time before I can drive first time.

Or have someone here some bearing balls for me - at least I need 5 of them  :o


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