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Gearbox drive cog

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Hi does any one have a spare nylon drive cog that fits on the end of the motor shaft to drive the gearbox ?

If you mean the cream coloured cog on the end of the armature (between the two small sets of bearings and the single larger bearing) I think you might struggle to find one  :-\

Might be worth calling Adam , he's the only person I can think of who is likely to have a supply of new ones.

Thanks Karl will do

Whats happned to your Mart ?

I picked up a motor and gearbox in bits some time ago from a train fanatic and have just got round to sorting them out . The cog was missing (REMOVED TO DRIVE THE MODEL TRAIN !!!) but the fingers etc and gearbox was fine so I was hoping to put it all back together as a spare especially if we are doing the L2B ! So Stan and Archie are just fine (great storage shed by the way matey - might have to look into one of these myself as the misses is moaning about space !)


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