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Wanted: restored or good condition C5

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Hi Folks,
Please contact me if you have a C5 for sale or you know of one available.
Cheers, Giles
07956 488334 mobile

Hi Giles, there are one or two on ebay at the present time, or if you want one from a trusted source, you could try C5Martin.  He also specialises in pod repair and restores C5's.  Here - http://www.c5martin.co.uk

Good luck.


It's sold Mike :-(  Oh well there are others.....
Anyone got one to sell?!  :-)

Are you referring to the one by Jason (the full refurb), or the ones on sale by C5Martin?  It appears C5Martin still have two for sale.  ???

Red feather's refurbed one is sold, shame.  I have spoken to matin about his two too.
What mile range are you getting in your C5 and what battery do you have?
Cheers, GP


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