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About time I said Hi


Although I've been a lurker for years, I only became a member recently and I've already posted a few times, but I really out to post a proper "hello".

First tried a C5 back in '85, just after release, through a place on Blackpool Prom that hired them out by the hour, and I fell in love with them so much that I sometimes saved up to hire one all day. It was always a dream to own one, but I never had the chance.

Fast forward 27 years and I now suffer from a neurological disorder that totally messes up my balance, and I recently started going on tricycling sessions at a local park, which got me interested in cycling again, and a C5 seems like the answer as it's a recumbent and happens to be cheaper than even second hand recumbents.

I'm hoping to buy my C5 very soon, if all goes to plan, so fingers crossed! (now to work out how the heck to fit one in the back of a Peugeot 207....)

Hi Mhurt Welcome to forum I'm too very new to site and the wonders of the c5 hope you get sorted soon ,I've already been bitten by the bug(c5) and in the process of trying to sorce another fully restored

Welcome - any questions just ask - hope you join the wacky world of C5 ownership soon  :) :) :)

Hi and welcome, send some photos of your C5 when you get it.


Retro Andy:
Hello and welcome to the forum  :)

Retro Andy


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