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Newbie from West Yorkshire UK


Hi Guys

Thought I would see what is happening with the C5s since its the 30th anniversary. I have a couple of C5s and a Zike wrapped up in cotton wool somewhere in the loft. I haven't seen them for over 17 years. I bought them but never used just went up and down the road. One C5 is mint hardly used and was from what I remember accessorised, with wing mirrors, mud flaps, visibility mast and I thing indicators. The other was slightly used but I don't think it had any accessories. Both came with original chargers and batteries along with tool kits and operating instructions.
The Zike was again in mint condition hardly used, but do remember it being lethal to ride very strange when going round a corner.
The C5s I converted to leisure batteries as the original batteries would not charge. The zike at the time charged up ok and ran but would think the batteries will be useless now
I must go up in the loft and find them, they could do with an airing, will wait till summer months and put some pics on forum

I do remember a box of spares, not sure how I came by these I must have bought them when I purchased one of the C5s, I pretty  sure there was a few brand new motors, wheels and drive belts. Again must try and find these in the loft.


If you ever want to sell on one of the c5's in the loft let me know! Seeking a C5 in A1 condition as per my thread in the wanted section.

It would be getting pride of place on display in our work meeting room :-)

Many thanks.

Hi Rob

I could not guarantee a scratch or a mark on it, they both had been used C5s when they went in the loft but I know both had hardly been used. I am trying to be honest as they are not new boxed ones. I know they both worked when I converted to leisure battery over 15 years ago. However  there are no working batteries, I through them away years ago. I suppose if you are interested it would be a case of coming for a look and see. As regards price if Im again honest I was not looking to sell, but if price is right I would consider.

I have found two NEW motors, and two NEW wheels, motors tested and working, just minor damage to top of bakelite connectors looks like top bit has broke off but does not effect them working or wire connections. Not sure if you can put pictures in this forum but will put a post on sales section of forum if any one is interested


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