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"Drive Electric" day
« on: 03, October, 2008 - 08:50:41 »
I've received the following email from the Battery Vehicle Society ;

I am emailing you because I think you might be interested in a forthcoming electric vehicle event.  I wanted to personally invite you to take part, this Saturday, in Drive Electric Day: this is my invention, and it is happening for the first time this year! 


Please do forward this email on to anyone else who you think may be interested, and do your bit to spread the word.


We are starting small this year - but we have to start somewhere.  I intend for it to become a bigger and bigger event each year. 


The basic idea is very simple - Everyone who owns a roadworthy battery electric vehicle, of ANY sort, gets it on the road sometime during the day this Saturday (the first Saturday in October) preferably between 11.30am and 12noon.  Even if your vehicle is not roadworthy, you could still display it somewhere on the roadside perhaps?


You can join in wherever you are by just driving around the block, or to the shops and back, between 11.30am and 12 noon, wherever you happen to live!   And if you can, put a sign in/on your vehicle, to highlight the fact that it is electric.  If you don’t have a vehicle, perhaps you can think of some other way to support the day.

I have set-up an online live-journal community for the event, where people can leave posts to say what and where they will be driving/riding:   

It would be great if you could help this community grow, for this year and future years:

 - Even if all you do is join the community, just having a long list of members on the community front page looks impressive, and does help make a difference :-)
 - You could also make a post to the community, to say what you will do to support the day:  For example, if you actually have an electric vehicle (car, bicycle, scooter, motorbike, even just an electrically powered dalek, RC aeroplane, or whatever) then your post could just be to say What, When and Where you will be driving/riding your vehicle this Saturday, so that others can respond to your post with encouraging comments.  And it would be great for us to have some idea how many vehicles will be out there on the day.
 - Even if you don't have an electric vehicle you can post to say how you are supporting the day, e.g. "I am supporting the day by posting a link to this community in my live journal, and I have emailed my friends to tell them all about it"  or "I have supported the day by writing to my MP/newspaper about it" or "I am supporting the day by joining the Battery Vehicle Society to learn more about electric vehicles"


I do hope you are able to take part in some way, and can also perhaps encourage your family, friends and other local battery electric vehicle enthusiasts to join in as well.


More details of what the Battery Vehicle Society are doing for the day are on their forums.

For the national event:

And for the north-west event:


Details are also on the society main website (linked to from the list of our next ten events on the right hand side of the page): 


Feel free to send out emails based on the text in this one (or in my forum and website posts), and including any of the web-links, to anyone you can think of.  I am happy also for you to pass on my contact details to anyone who wishes to get in contact with me in connection with the event.


Thanks, and have fun!


Mary Perkins

BVS Secretary, and BVS North-West Coordinator
Contact details here -



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Re: "Drive Electric" day
« Reply #1 on: 04, October, 2008 - 15:56:37 »
This co-ordinated quite well with todays pitstop day, both "Voodoo" and Kurts "Jet-pack" were test driven after their post-Brooklands repairs 8)

Both are now fully fit and running perfectly once more  ;D