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C5alive exhibiting at Brooklands Museum - 28 Sep '08

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If anyone wants to attend and show off their C5, we are attending Brooklands Museum on 28th September 2008 and taking part in a Vintage Cycle display  8).

The museum agree that Sinclair C5's would provide an interesting contrast to the usual exhibits  :)


Although it is scheduled for September, I thought giving people as much notice as possible would allow for  planning !

More specific details to follow later.

This sounds an interesting day out, can you tell us more on your hopes?

World domination and cornering the market on all things C5  ;D

In all seriousness, it will build on the publicity generated by the Welsh Autofest and the various meetings etc. 8)

well what with some of the exciting rebuilds with a difference, if we could manage to get the projects there, that would add a talking point as well.. ;D

Somewhere as exciting as Brooklands will always attract all sorts of technically minded enthusiasts from many walks of life.

When I go along to tidy up the C5 they have on display there , I always have visitors asking me questions about all things "C5"  8)

Hopefully with a larger C5 display in September , we should create some interest along the lines of the Welsh Autofest . If only a couple of those own a C5 languishing in a shed or garage somewhere, then there is always the chance they could be inspired to get it running again and join us on the various meetings. ;)   


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