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D1 - IN54001  - Maplin ref : QL82
D2 -
D3 - IN4001 - Maplin Ref : QL73
D4 - IN4001 - Maplin Ref : QL73


FS1 -5amp 20mm Quick blow -

FS2 -1amp 20mm Quick blow -

Thanks for making a start Marty, Plod has also emailed me an excel spreadsheet of stuff he wants to put on here as well - neither of us are too sure on how to do that though  ;D.

I found this site that hosts file sharing.

So have uploaded a test page and the link is below.


Not sure how well it will work, but have a look and let me know what you think.

I won't upload anything else until its been given a good test.


How about Google Docs?

I've uploaded it to my account here, and anyone with this link should be able to view it:


I've updated the above link with a number of Farnell part numbers (replacements are available for many devices). If you've tested some of the things marked as unconfirmed, do please let me know so I can change it.

I've just stuck in a big order with Farnell for a load of these components. I'll check off the ones which are right by removing their (unconfirmed) labels.

Edit (2):
I have a feeling that many of those resistors are vastly over-specified in terms of power, 1/2W equivalents would certainly suffice (except for R1, of course). The problem is that many of the obscure values aren't available as Farnell UK stock (US stock has a ~£16 order fee excess), but are available as higher wattage versions. I was also doing this late at night, so I may have made other blunders, too. I'll make sure to check all the codes before removing the "unconfirmed" labels.


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