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Well, my order came... missing most of the parts I ordered. Now that's just a bit rubbish, I go to great lengths to make sure that I only order stuff which they have in stock and they then go and tell me it isn't, and I'll get it when it is... *grumble*

In the mean time, I suggest you only order opamps and BC557 transistors from Farnell... If anything at all...

EDIT: Called them and they fixed it. At least their customer service is good.

Regarding the part numbers given in my spreadsheet, it seems that I've mistakenly managed to mix up companies (due to the way I order parts through my University). What that means is that part numbers which are all numbers are, as stated, all from Farnell. Part numbers beginning with "SC" however, are from another company, which is connected to Farnell, but which is in fact called CPC (cpc.farnell.com). The only thing which this might affect is minimum orders. I've only ever ordered through the University side, which has a minimum order value of £20, but I can order from Farnell and CPC in one transaction. If you can't, that might cause potential problems... The easiest long-term solution is probably to find the equivalent parts from the other supplier, such that they can all be ordered together.

Sorry about that!


I've fitted the ZTX450, 2n3904 and 2n3906 to my control box as replecements for the ZTX449, BC182 and BC212 respectively. As stated on the spreadsheet, the 2N3904 and 2N3906 have different pinouts from the BC182 & BC212, so the collector and base on both need to be swapped (I'll post photos in a bit)

I've not fitted the board back to my C5 as yet, but the bench test has been successful. I actually managed to accidentally connect power the wrong way to my board, which resulted in all the lights on the pod being dim. A new 7805 and 1AMP fuse sorted that out, however.

I also have a new relay to test when everything's back on board. If these are successful then I'll make them as so on the spreadsheet. The only other modifications I've made are a few diodes replaced, a new LM358 and the other replacement fuse (for lights etc.)

I'm also planning something in regard to the control box and pod, development of which shall be revealed shortly...

Well, aside from the current sensing not working (I'm pretty sure the new ULA replacement will sort that one out!), all the new components seem to be working fine. I've not tested the relay yet, however, because the connectors are slightly too big. I'll have to think about that one....

Thus, the 2N3904, 2N3906, ZTX450 are A-OK!

Hi aladds,

with reference to your Replacement List, please read my comment (Reply #9) in 'Replacement components? '




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