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Hill climb competition at Brooklands meet 28th Sept. 2008

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The challenge is to get to the top of the Brooklands hill test on a Sinclair C5

The prize is a complete set of new tyres for your C5. If more than one person makes it, then the quickest is deemed to be the winner.

This is the challenge ;

As you can see, the hill starts off as 1 in 8 , changes to 1 in 5 before changing to 1 in 4.

Once you get to the top there is a further reward in that the return route takes you through some nice wooded area before bringing you back out onto a section of the original racetrack and back to where you started .

Some pictures from the return route ;

Sadly under no circumstances are we allowed to go down the test hill, although it is very tempting , the route is strictly one way and thats up hill !

i will give it a go for sure

Will rolling 'backwards' down the slope screaming HELP! be admissable?


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