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Hi, I replaced some components with some alternatives. So far everything sees okay so I thought I'd put them up.

ZD1 in control box replaced by BZY88C24

TR1 & 2 In the pod replaced by BC557

I am not experienced with electronics so if anyone spots a problem with these can they let me know.

Off the top of my head bud without looking up the data sheets - the originals were a matched pair of NPN and PNP transistors therefore replacing them with the same for tr1 and tr2 wont work - you need the matched opposite of the BC557  ie AN BC547 thus giving you a matched PNP AND NPN  pair - also need to check voltages and switching currents - PS I use the originals that are easily obtainable

Whoops! Glad you guys are here to help.
I couldnt find the originals anywhere. Do you you know where to get them from. I'd better swap them back

Search them on e-bay - always available on there - Marty :)

Thats where I've been looking. I just tried and still cant get anything. I'm searching for fst290


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