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30th NOVEMBER 2008: Norfolk Run.

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Is anybody interested in another Norfolk Run,this November.
If so,suggestions for what day are invited?

Update - set for 30th November

were in norfolk

The Norfolk meeting would take place just outside the small town of Watton.

Retro Andy:
I'm up for it, another norfolk run would be great, i can see it now, if we stop at that pub again it would be lovely if it is a cold winter's day with the fire to warm us up. Or its a warm day (you never know with global warming) then a pint to cool us down will be just as inviting.
I dont mind which sunday although i dont know which firework display where taking the kids too yet, but as long as it does'nt clash i'll be there.

Retro Andy 

Because of moving house and job commitments unfortunately will not be able to make this run in November. :(


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