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The Royal Run *17th August* 2008

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Retro Andy:
I have looked at a possible route which is about 6 miles from mine to Sandringham along some cylce tracks, through the woods (not off road) and
an un-used road, which is great for about a mile no cars to worry about, who would be interested, food & coffee/tea at mine, stop at Sandringham for an ice-cream and everyone to see then stop for a pint on the way back ?
I was thinking of a Sunday in June or July ? open to ideas .

Retro Andy.

I’m up for the The Royal Run.
Sounds like a Great Idea!

I will check with Karl to see when his new job will allow him to come out and play.
Depending on the numbers we down south may need to organise combined transport.

Retro Andy:
The two dates i have got in mind is either 29th June or the 6th July, meet at mine about 10.00 or 11.00 am, let me me know tel 01553 674912 after 6.00 pm, look forward to seeing any new faces.

Retro Andy   

6th July clashes with the Horsham run...it might be best to avoid two meetings on the same day.

Sadly I am working the 29th June.

However, if you could manage something for the 7th and 8th June I'd be able to come along. :-*

Retro Andy:
I'm an idiot, sorry Martin did'nt mean to go for the same date as the Horsham run, away i'm easy, the only dates that are out, are 1st & 15th June and any other Sunday that clashes with another run, so once people have replied with dates i will pick one that hopfully we all can attend

Retro Andy


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