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Title: Food for alternative drive thinking
Post by: techytype on 11, November, 2009 - 09:36:53
hi people,
often when stuck n traffic, i like to rattle design ideas around in my skull, well there is plenty of exercise room in that vacant void  ::)

spotted this pedal bike to electric conversion on Ebay,  just though i'd bring the idea in here to kick around a bit by the more able and experienced C5 modifiers to discuss the viability.


the interesting part (well for me anyway), on the original design if we wanted to simply attach a motor to the existing chain, the pedals would also be turned by the motor - obviously not so good, but on this kit the front chain wheel has a 'free wheeling' mechanism built in, so when under power the pedals are not turned by the motor.

in general discussions with C5martin last weekend he suggests the way forward is one of the poweed hubs on the front wheel, othewise he felt you would need a largish cog on the rear axle to give the reduction needed.

seeing this kit imo it could go some way to addressing that problem with less drastic modification needed, and keeping the C% nearer to the original designs.

going further, by fitting a 5 or 6 speed rear cog to the rear axle, opens possibilities for higher speed and/or better hill climbing ability.

two motor wattage versions are shown, may be the supplier (uk based) would be happy to supply without a motor, that way the idea could be jigged up and an already owned or motor of choice could be used keeping project costs lower.

i have asked the supplier for an installation manual, so lets see hat happens :)

Title: Re: Food for alternative drive thinking
Post by: Karl on 12, November, 2009 - 09:37:53
Looks interesting, especially the idea of the powered side of things benefitting from gearchanges  8)

Once I've cobbled together enough pennies, I want to try a hub mounted motor similar to Benniz.

Title: Re: Food for alternative drive thinking
Post by: techytype on 12, November, 2009 - 19:47:12
Hi Karl,

i've got the manual, but can't see how to upload it to here so will send in email

here's a makers link to shaow what i'm talking about -: