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Author Topic: Flying the flag for c5alive  (Read 1528 times)

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Flying the flag for c5alive
« on: 08, November, 2009 - 16:49:10 »
I see Mike has been flying the flag for c5alive.

This cropped up on the yahoo c5 group;

Adam's website is located at the following address.
http://www.sinclair -research. index.php

He's a top guy. He knows all there is to know about C5's and more besides. Be aware however, that the items which Adam sells are usually 'new & unused' items, and are still in their original packaging, albeit nearly 25 years old! However, much of the equipment is fully maintained or serviced in order to offer full reliability and the quality you'd expect for the price.

Naturally, you should expect to pay a considerably higher price than anywhere else such as Ebay or elsewhere, for the specific reason that they're items which no-one else has used before.

Payment can only be made by cheque, or cash in person.

Meanwhile, if anyone fancies visiting the C5alive website - www.c5alive., there's a daily digest of a whole range of topics on the forum. There are some cheaper (second hand) items availabe from time to time. These are often much sought after items, so perhaps it's worth a look?

Some of the many topics on their forum include...

A welcome to the c5alive forum , helping you to get the most out of the Sinclair C5
Buyers Guides
C5's for sale
Media coverage
Meetings and events information
Owners Manual Online
Restoring a C5 section
Technical help and advice from C5Martin
Wiring Diagrams
General C5 discussions and support
Technical advice

And much more besides!

The forum features members from across the world, and there's almost always a solution to be found. Usually on the C5alive forum!

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Nice to know people care and appreciate what we do, cheers mate  8)

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Re: Flying the flag for c5alive
« Reply #1 on: 09, November, 2009 - 19:07:11 »
No problem.  Hope it did you justice?