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Author Topic: Hotmail Googled GMail Etc *** READ IMPORTANT SECURITY INFO ***  (Read 1251 times)

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Hotmail Googled GMail Etc *** READ IMPORTANT SECURITY INFO ***
« on: 21, November, 2009 - 17:27:34 »
hi all,
like many i have used Hotmail for many many years without issue, a few days ago i totally 'lost' all my contact details.

i run a small security business so this could have been devastating, but fortunately is a realy for e smallish inconvenience as the only details are email addresses not phone numbers or home addresses.

 i was accessing my main email accounts from Hotmail, but i have now deleted that very convenient Hotmail service, as it could lead to a breach of sensative security information using y main accounts (i install security equipment to homes and bushiness).

i have 'googled' and discovered many news threads referring to a Chinese hacking squad being responsible.

Not only Hotmail is affected, Gmail and other similar free email service providers have also suffered attacks, so my strongest advice is to make sure you have got all the important contact details eslewhere, update your password every month and make it very difficult to guess or hack (see advice on the relevant sites).

please take action for yourselves and advise all those close to you to do the same.