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What do people drive as a daily

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Just thought this could be an interesting discussion, what do you guys drive daily?

Currently I drive the C5  8), mum has a Corsa and dad has an Aygo.

Mx5 - still plenty of work to do. Viper stripes happening soon as well as vents instead of lights and alsorts of lovely goodies.

Luke S:
Currently my mum drives a Fiat Dublo and my dad drives a Suzuki SX4 but he will soon be trading it in for a KIA KX-1

Its not my daily, as I dont have one of those, prefer to save money for the toys and walk/bus places, but it still gets used fairly often.

Its a 1991 205 GTi 1.9 :)


--- Quote from: cRaigalexander on  17, May, 2013  - 09:05:12 ---Its a 1991 205 GTi 1.9 :)

--- End quote ---

That looks stunning  8)


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