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The latest copy of the Battery Vehicle Society Review has an excellent feature on the proposed Sinclair C10. From the pictures it looks very similar to an MCC SMART car :o

The article is in memoriam Peter Milner, part of the Sinclair C5 design team who also worked for the El trans A/S mini-El design team.

A fascinating subject, as it also briefly mentions the proposed C15  8)

Such a shame it didn't all work out, but does prove how far advanced Sir Clive really was with his ideas at the time.

Any links?


--- Quote from: minimin on  26, February, 2009  - 20:46:55 ---Any links?

--- End quote ---

...not at the moment, it's a small printed "handbook" style magazine for BVS members.

Since the article is in the latest edition, I thought it best to ask first if it was ok to scan some of the pages and post them here.

When I get a reply I'll update this thread   :)

No reply from the BVS, so I'll post some scanned sections from the article.

They will be removed if this upsets the BVS.

This is not the complete article, just a "taster". Hopefully this might encourage a few enquiries about joining the BVS.

Retro Andy:
Sir Clive was so far ahead of the times, its a shame he does'nt pick up where he finished and have another go, with modern materials and the technology today it would far easier to make his dreams come true. The only good thing from the fact the c5 did'nt work is that we all got to meet and get to have great fun knowing we have something a little different.

Retro Andy 


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