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Author Topic: Idea: C5alive wiki  (Read 2684 times)

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Idea: C5alive wiki
« on: 25, November, 2013 - 16:54:12 »
I've been thinking, I wonder if a wiki would be useful to oganise C5 related info? It could have sections for common problems, upgrades, etc.

The reason I suggest this is because I find that information on the forum isn't particuarly well organised - if you're having a specific problem, for example, the search turns up a lot of unrelated results. The forum is great for asking questions and having discussions, but it doesn't seem quite so suitable for, say, writing a guide on how you installed a derailleur.

What do people think? When I have more free time in a couple of weeks, I'd be up for setting this up if there's enough interest.

EDIT: On second thoughts, I'm thinking this might also want to be a seperate project to C5alive, perhaps my own little thing. So perhaps this isn't the best forum section to post it in, but it is at least vaguely related...
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Re: Idea: C5alive wiki
« Reply #1 on: 25, November, 2013 - 21:30:49 »
Aye, thats one of the main problems with using a forum as a repository for pretty much everything.  Sooner or later it just gets disorganised and important/useful information gets lost/buried under a million other posts....

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Re: Idea: C5alive wiki
« Reply #2 on: 26, November, 2013 - 13:43:11 »
I have found this post to be an interesting one, and to keep everyone informed we the new owners are looking at ways to update / change / improve on the current forum as we also find it is not always the easiest thing to use, however that said it is very popular and is used internationally so we don't want to upset any one currently using the forum.

Once we have worked out the best options we will let everyone know, there will be a lot of positive changes to come with the website / forum etc but we are just working through all the stock and suppliers at the moment and we will be working on the I T side of things probably in the new year.

If you do have any suggestions then let me know as we will take all suggestions on board.