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Re: Wheel spacer washers
« Reply #15 on: 27, February, 2009 - 17:51:54 »
Do we have a measurement for how much pipe should stick out ? I think the bearng may be full of tish preventing the pipe from driving all the way home. I have about 10mm of pipe sticking out after the gear wheel is on. I only have 3 shims and they don't take up the slack. are the piccies as promised (sorry for the delay, night shifts starting to slow me down)

The number of washers/spacers will vary on each C5, each washer/spacer is a different thickness and the space to fill will also vary.

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Re: Wheel spacer washers
« Reply #16 on: 27, February, 2009 - 19:13:49 »
Thanks Karl,

Im a few shims short of a full load - lol

However since using it a bit I have found that the 'pipe' (there must be a better name for it than that)  has gone in more and looks like the one in your photo, so its made me feel good inside again :)

I washed it today - my arm hurts now, and she still looks like an old slapper lol

Still looking for some handlebar foam and inner hubcaps :)

Edit -:

I see some grease has come out of your gearbox too, again this makes me feel a little better. I put way to much in  and it all came squirting out like the 1950 sci-fi 'the blob'.
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