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Driffield Steam and Vintage Rally 2016 (update)


C5 Josh Langstaff:
Hi everyone just a quick update on the organisation of the steam and vintage rally at Driffield this year.
I am applying to go in this year and i hope you do too. i know there wont be much interest for this as it is in East Yorkshire and i know that the majority of people in the C5 community is down south but if youu are willing to go or if your in the East Yorkshire area then let me know and we could try and sort something out where we could get some of us to all go together. all application forms must be in for may the 19th and you MUST have public liability insurance. I hope you can make it to the event with your C5 and if not i still hope you can visit as the event is absolutely brilliant. finally for those who are wondering the event is on 2 days (13th and 14th August) and camping/ caravaning  passes are available. reply to this post if you wish to know more details.  Thanks a lot -Josh. 

Is household insurance Public Liability cover what is required.?

C5 Josh Langstaff:
Hi the3re coverman, if you are attending the event you will have to join the east riding engine club and they can offer you a very cheap (compared to other places) offer on public liability insurance. Ill leave a link to everyone at the end of this post with the application form for the club which includes the insurance quote. - Josh

C5 Josh Langstaff:
http://www.driffieldvintagerally.co.uk/images/membership_form.pdf  Here is the application form for those who need it. - Josh


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