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Author Topic: Battery, inner tubes and tyres needed  (Read 4385 times)

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Battery, inner tubes and tyres needed
« on: 23, September, 2016 - 11:28:24 »

Hi everyone,

This has probably been asked a thousand times, so forgive me, but I can't find any clear answers after searching...

I have an original 30 year old C5 with white boot (totally unmodified) I'm looking to get running..


1) Battery Replacement: It needs a new a 12V battery. Can I just source any 12V lead acid car battery of the same (or higher Ah rating) and similar dimensions to original? And is it just a case of connecting the two wires, or is there more involved and some electrical conversion needed to make the C5 run off a modern car battery? If anyone can recommend a specific battery size/make or source even, that would be great. There's tons on eBay new cheap but I have no idea what I need!

2) Replacing inner tubes and tires. Are these just regular 16" for the front wheel, or do I need to source something specific for the C5? And how about the rear 12"? I've never seen 12" inner tubes or tyres, so anyone could recommend a source for these or give some info on what kind of tyre width and size is needed, I'd appreciate it!.

3) Indicator lights. My C5 has them, but all the inners (bulb, any circuit? silver backing etc) have all long since gone, so all I'm left with is the amber plastic cover and the black plastic mounting base part. To repair the indicators, am I correct in assuming just need suitable 12V bulbs and the flashing part is done via the C5's own circuitry? I'm considering putting some high intensity 12V flashing LEDs I have inside instead of bulbs, due to the silver backing missing and normal bulb not being bright enough. Any thoughts on this?

Finally, quick question about the 24V dual battery conversion kit I know this site offers and some have opted to install to add extra power and range to the C5. Is this worth doing and is it a fairly easy mod to do? I can solder and know basic electrical stuff, but wouldn't want to get into any heavy duty work changing the C5's wiring loom and/or circuit board etc.

I'm restoring an old 30 year old C5 (which i all complete and very clean) I inherited with a view to selling it on, so this is not for my own personal use and hence I want to keep costs low and just do the minimum to get it working again, but if I can add value for the next owner, then I might do the 24V mod. Do owner-collectors prefer that 24v mod done, or things kept original?

Thanks in advance guys for your answers and any tips you might have to share!