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Can the throttle used on the 24v kit be used on a standard 12v C5 ?


In what way were you thinking? If memory serves me correctly, this is a potentiometer type twist grip and needs a matching controller to go with it, the 24volt kit sold by C5alive should work on 12v but the performance wont be as good, why not just go all the way and convert it to 24v?

The reason is simply cost . I have two C5's , one is my standard C5 "Brake Failure" which I intend to convert to 24v when work and finances allow. The other is the world renowned "Stealth" which I am in the process of rebuilding and I thought the addition of a throttle would be good idea if it were possible.


There are many options open to you here and the C5 24volt conversion is one of them, this was designed as a package and was built to allow you to restore the C5 to original. If you are a dab hand with electronics and you know what you are doing, you can buy a simple off the shelf controller and twist grip, but be prepared to effectively re-wire the C5 in the process and an added bonus is the control pod wont work. If however you ebay the pod and motor contoller you will have enough funds to convert your C5 to 24volts

to put a throttle on the standard c5 pod and controll box isnt possible as its just a posh over (badly) enginered 12v relay your only option is on or off lol The 24v kit can use a 5v hall effect throttle. id just get a 24v set up if you need a throttle.


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