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We tend to use steel wheels of a kiddies bike , although they are known as 12" in size, they are actually only about 8" ! Go by the tyre size.

Standard bicycle brake blocks as fitted to any eighties style caliper brakes (like those for Choppers,Grifters etc ) do the job.


--- Quote from: BooBoo on  22, November, 2010  - 08:16:53 ---We tend to use steel wheels of a kiddies bike …

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Did you all just buy kiddies bikes and cut them up? That seems to be the only way I can find such a wheel, but it just seems wrong to do something like that. There must be a supply of just the wheels somewhere, right?

Bit of both really, a local independent bike dealer was happy to sell us wheels at about £15 whereas the bigger guys such as Halfords tend to break new unused bikes for spares (for warranty claimes etc) as it works out cheaper for them to do so. If you're lucky they sometimes sell you the left overs.

Retro Andy:
I know the front brake is pretty poor, but the original brake blocks lasted longer than the replacement ones I fitted, really shocked when I see how worn they were after only a short time.

Retro Andy.


--- Quote from: MikeDX on  14, May, 2010  - 21:31:22 ---If those front brakes are "high performance" I'd hate to see the "standard" performance ones  ;D

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Ah, the brake blocks are high performance - that's why they melt the wheel!!  ;D


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