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C5 motor, And Gearbox.

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Okay, So I've got my eye on a certain C5 from Mark, And It has no motor OR gearbox.

1st question. What are the power specs of the motor? Need all the basic info as I'm looking at changing the motor anyway.

2nd... Is the gearbox system simply a Transfer box? (Basically a Differential in principle) Or is it far more Complicated

3rd... Anyone know the Ah of the standard C5 battery?

1. 250W @ 12v 3300 rpm

2. No its a reduction drive

3. 36Ah


--- Quote from: fezza_rs on  23, April, 2008  - 21:03:34 ---1. 250W @ 12v 3300 rpm

2. No its a reduction drive

3. 36Ah

--- End quote ---

Okay, SO I guess that the reduction drive would NOT be something I could scavenge from something else lol Any Idea how much one of them would cost?

And heres me hoping to have a running C5 for about 110 quid lol *Sigh* What really bugs me is the people who dont use them at all, And leave them sitting in the garage for... YEARS... without even maintaning them, Leaving all the parts to fail from inside out...

Gah, I had the same trouble getting hold of a classic Fiat Panda. All good intentions, But loads of them fall victim to uncaring owners ¬.¬

Sorry, Mini rant lol

Personally, I wouldnt sell a C5 to someone unless they have good intentions ^.^ Much like I wont sell my motorbike unless I know the person is gunna look after it lol


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