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There are two sensors attached to the motor that deal with overheating.

Assuming you've only caused an overheating shutdown then it will reset. If you trip one sensor it shuts down for around 15 minutes, trip the second and it shuts down for an hour.  Can't remember which one is which , may be worth reading through the handbook in the download section.

This happened to me on the 2007 London-Brighton run and, if I remember correctly, the pods lights flash and it makes a beeping sound as well  ;D

Paul Langton-Rogers:

What do you do about rust on the chassis?

I assume it's best to try to remove this and treat the metal with some anti-rust paint, rather than just leave it and let it get worse?

I assume a complete strip-down is the best way to go when treating the chassis for rust, may as well do the whole thing, rather than just the rust exposed area?


Yes always best to do a full strip down and restore especially as they are 30 years old

Chas is the master.....

ta Lance


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