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Motor heats up FAST!

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Quick introduction:

I just bought a sinclair c5 1 week ago, it was not running but the guy I bought it from assured me it was the brushed, oh well I spent 150 euro to get it off his hands so not a bad deal right?

Ok I dismantled the motor cleaned it and put it back together just like this guy:

Hooked it up pod comes on with all the lights (I did not attached the gearbox ) motor started...I thought great..
but after a letting go of the button....and trying it again, I just hear a clicking sound.

After 10 minutes I tried again motor starts up...but gets very hot!!!

What is wrong???

and another question, should I be able to rotate the motor with my hands? I mean how smooth should the rotor move in its housing?

Did you clean the contacts at the end of the armature where the brushes connect the power?

Can you turn the motor by hand?

More pictures from my web site.


Try connecting the motor directly to a battery.

Does it turn now?

There will be a spark when you first connect.

The motor will draw high current to start with.

The stall current of a motor is over 100Amps.

yep cleaned the contact looks like yours now:

when I tried to turn the motor on this side of the sprocket:
It is hard to turn.

thank you for the help so far, cool to so somebody will lend a hand

is there no harm connecting directly to the battery from the motor?

No there is no harm in connecting the motor directly to the battery, but just hold it in place when you do as its likely to jump when you connect power, if the motor is stiff to turn, make sure you have assembled it correctly as it should be very free


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