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POD wont light up


Hi i need some advice about my pod,ive been trying to get it working but having no success.  ???

When the PODs not connected to the control box the motor doesnt work,but the front and rear lights do, thats fine i think thats normal.

then when i connect POD to control box the motor works fine as does everything else but the LED displays on the POD refuse to light up.

this is now my sticking point,so ive been trying to eliminate problems,the POD wiring loom i had to make from maplan components but ive used  a electrical tester and im 99% sure that the one ive made is fine and should be making good connections,ive also cleaned pins to get good contact.

I did send the POD to C5 martin who set it up on his test bench and it lights up fine with him so the POD is working but not on my set up,but WHY?????????? not on mine .

so that leaves the control box but what could be wrong there im not sure.

Any help on this subject would be great


If you have a meter check X9 connector for:

Pin 1 should have 5v +ve on it

Pin 5 is 0v ground.

So connect your meter between Pin 5 and Pin 1.

This 5v is used to supply the Led display

hi martin thanks for the help,connected meter between pin 5 and pin1 and there is a current passing through it does that help any

Hi, you should check he control box for any signs of break in components, see if some are missing, burned, check connectors anche check if some components may have been replaced by some previous owner, mine got something strange so my POD box diddn't light up.

Check also the red connector in the control box, remove and refit it, look for signs of wear, dust or other. As far as i remember, orange leds and indicator leds have separate power lines, you said nothing turns on?

hi thanks for the help i finally got this problem sorted it was the IC1 5v regulator that was to blame in the control box,so POD was receiving no power.

thanks phil


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