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Hi, I am going to restore the Indicators on my C5, which would seem to have had them at some time but they seem to have been removed and only the back Indicators units minus any bulb fittings and wiring was left.

Anyway, my question is I have studied a copy of the original C5 indicator kit instructions and wonder if anyone knows what flasher relay unit used to be used and what would be an equivalent I could get hold of.



Original was :
Made in USA

I will try to find an equivalent.

Need to find a flasher that will work with the low wattage bulbs use on the C5 or it will flash erratically.

May need to be a relay unit.

LED bulb Flasher Unit  CF13GL-02   $ 12.95  of  =http://=http://www.superbrightleds.com  works fine with LED indicators so should be working with some more wattage
also othere types available for other connection arrangements

Thanks Martin and ogb, much appreciated.

I have wired the indicators up and will try a low wattage motorbike flasher relay and see what happens. (5A fuses on standby!).

May even have them working by Sunday for Horsham.  :)


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