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The motor stopped suddenly..


Hi to all! i've been off for 7 months from the forum and to my surprise many things have changed!

Now i have a nice problem: suddely, the motor stopped working, i was running on the flat, pedalling and using the motor, while suddely the motor stopped running!

I can turn the C5 on and the POD leds correctly works, but when i press the button i hear the "click" in the control box but the motor won't turn AND POD light switch off! then when i release the switch POS leds turns on again..

There are not sign of smoke/burn, everything is in place, i've unmounted and reassembled the motor and no sign of whatever showed up and the motor can be easily turned.

Maybe, it's a common fault? it's a clear sign that something has failed?

I've still to diagnose in depth, but, the motor has always worked, and i never put it under stress.

If someone has some clues i would appreciate it.



I took some photos to the control box and found something..


The X2 lead is all burned!! woahh what happened?? that is just connector from the battery, straight, clean without anything else in the path.. :(

Looking also at the wires, a couple are melted.. :O what kind of heat !!??! from where and whyy ?!?! there are  now copper traces inside the PCB in that spot, right?

I'll let you know if the motor still works and so on.

P.S. By the way, now it's Martin the "owner" of c5alive shop and forum?


C5MARTIN & C5ALIVE have joined forces so you get two for the price of one.


Your fault is a common one! >:(

Every one takes care to tighten the nuts that motor and power leads are connected.

But forget to check the nuts and bolts that go through the PCB are clean and tight.

You can be taking 60Amps or more if your connectins are poor they start to ark and carbon up. :(

Have you tried to connect the motor directly to a battery??? Martins right, ive had this and seen a few more on others, disconnect the motor and try it directly from a battery, if the motor is taken out of the C5 make sure its held down as it will kick, if its in the C5, its best to remove the belt or at least take the rear wheels off the ground and make sure it cannot fall when the motor is running. Expect a few harmless sparks when you connect the motor.

Ignore the scratches on the green coating exposing the copper, they are just that, unless they are too deep. Try cleaning the pcb connections with some very fine wet and dry or emery paper, and clean the connectors and the faces of the nuts, reassemble making sure they are tight as Martin said above. The 'burned' bits on the wires are just where the wires came into contact with the bolt that got too hot.

Hope that helps

RRigghhhtttt !!

I've connected the motor to a "somewhat" stable power supply, 6V first, then 12V and it workssss !!! yieupppyy !!

WOw, just a sloppy nuts.. but.. i'm sure, it was already tight! i remember, when i was unmounting it, it was tight! why should catch firesss!!

However, in the evening i used my lovely Dremel, with a steel brush and made shine every nuts and connectors :D and tomorrow i'll give it another pass.

Whooahh, strange thoug, it's been over an year and nothing showed up before! always kept it covered, dry, same smooth ride, no bumps or other..

I also unmounted the relay, opened it and cleaned the internal contact from dust/grease with a good solvant :D

Almost forgot: Thank you all !!

For the fast reply, for the righfull answer and for not ignoring the post about a common problem ;)

This community is always made or the right quality of People ;)

So Martin, back in January i was talking to Mark (hello!!) for some pieces, now i'll mail to you my needs ;)

Oh, and if you where wondering where i've been these 7 months.. check here Shell Eco Marathon 2008 - Nogaro (France) - We made it !!! http://c5alive.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=159.msg1101#msg1101


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