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Inner rear wheel bearing dimensions / type?

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The inner rear wheel bearing of my C5 is twisted as the last service person had not locked the bearing properly.

The bearing has somewhat exotic size and it could not be found at the best local bike repair shop. Has someone got the dimensions or a product type/number for the bearing so that I could start a search?


The bearings are special to the C5 and sealed inside a race, ask Karl if he has some spare ones or where you can get some from


What do you mean by saying that the bearings are sealed "inside a race"? I do not understand the sense of word "race" in this sense.

I took the hub apart and there seems to be nothing non-standard there. It does not seem to be sealed in any way either. The outer bearing consists simply of 3mm bearing balls. The inner bearing has a retainer (the "ring" that holds the bearing balls) in addition. My problem is that the retainer is a bit twisted. It will work even without it but assembling the hub together would be easier with a retainer.

So - if someone has got the dimensions for this inner bearing I would be grateful to have them.


--- Quote from: Elias on  15, July, 2008  - 22:31:05 ---What do you mean by saying that the bearings are sealed "inside a race"? I do not understand the sense of word "race" in this sense.

--- End quote ---

I think John is referring to the larger bronze coloured bearing that is press-fitted direct onto the axle & sits inside the black circular "cup" that also houses the rear brake shoes. Phew, does that make any sense ? :P

The bearings I think you are referring to are the two sets of bicycle type that sit either side of the wheel. The cages that hold the bearings are an odd size and have proven unobtainable - although I am still searching for replacements.

In the meantime, I would suggest using the good one from the "outside" set and using that for the "inside". Then turn the C5 on its side and fit loose bearings where the "outside" set would fit. This will require more bearings (which is a good thing) and packing with grease (also good). The bearing collar will keep the bearings in. The only drawback is loose bearings when you next remove the wheel. :-\

If this makes no sense whatsoever, let me know and I'll take some piccies to better explain .  :)

The process worked very well on Steves C5 when his bearing cage collapsed.

No what i was referring to was the metal cage that the ball bearings are fitted into, the metal ring, as far as i know its referred to as a "race" or cage see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_bearing

Karl is right, you can use seperate ball bearings without this "cage" and its easier to use slightly larger ball bearings


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