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Terrible start - battery exploded

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I can't believe my bad luck! I have an extra main switch beside the battery. Apparently I managed to short the negative pole of the battery into the positive terminal of the switch when I was pushing the battery backwards after charging it. Result: the battery exploded violently. Fortunately I did not get any acid on me.

The unfortunate thing is that the power surge broke something. The motor does not work anymore. I am getting a whizzing or buzzing noise underneath. Also if I turn on the turn signal, the pod LEDs dim when the light is on.

Where shall I start checking what I've broken?  :-[

Of course, I am going to change the wiring and cover the apparently dangerous poles of the main extra switch I have.

Are there any schematics around for C5?

my pod lights dimmed when my head light was on and motor was running but that was on my old battery so that might help

Alan's hint was a good one. Actually I found the problem even before reading it.

The buzzing sound was made by the main relay that connects the power to the motor. My testing battery was so bad that the voltage (10,6 V) was not enough to operate the relay. The battery LEDs show still full voltage in spite of this.

I opened the control box - nothing seemed to be fried on the PCB.

A good battery from the car and wow - nothing broken. Well - the beep signal does not work  but that is all. Where is the beep located?

Life smiles again  ;D

what are the chances of some pics? your description is a little vague and i personally think you may have more then 1 problem, can you identify the area of the buzzing??,charge your battery and try again, the more feedback you can give, the more help you can get from the mebers and the site..good luck

PS use photobucket.com and upload your pics, click on IMG and post here


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