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It has been a busy few weeks recently with one of my unmolested original spec c5's being used for photo shoots on 3 different projects. All wanted a c5 that was close to original 1985 launch condition so I loaned them one that still has the Vee Rubber tyres etc, the only change being the c5alive wiring kit.

The projects were :
1)  pictures needed for a childrens book, no idea what the title ,author or release date are though !

2) a trainee journalist doing an article on the c5 for his coursework

3) Attaboy TV , the guys that do Wheeler Dealers and Stripper Cars for Cash, needed a c5 for including in the opening credits of a new show they're involved in.

Nice to see the c5 is still in the limelight  ;)

I can see there being a huge call for them in 2015  ;)


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