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Hi everyone

I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that the new owners are working hard in the background to get the shop up and running with all the parts and accessories that you will need.

We are having some e-commerce problems which is being looked in to for us and hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

We are sorting out stock and suppliers so if you can just bear with us for a short time we will have everything on the shop open up soon and hopefully will have some new stock/accessories listed as well.

In the meantime if there are parts or accessories that you are interested in please just email any one of us and we will come back to you with price and availability.


Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you over the coming days, months, years ....


Retro Andy:
Great to know, many thanks for the info with progress.

Retro Andy.

Hi, just go to the main website www.c5alive.co.uk and it is the 4th item along, I have posted the link below also



I think you'll find the post by share2jason is spam, hence the link he's embedded going to handgiftbox.com :o  Could you make the colour of forum links stand out from the main content text colour as well?  Its hard to know if its a link...  ;D

Thanks Dan
I hadn't noticed the embedded link and have now corrected this so the site wont be getting any more spam from this user. I will also highlight links more obvious in future.


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