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Ok so I have this new power in personal transport, its not a bad machine (well as far as I can tell) but the body works is scratched - rough to the touch and has dirt ground in it.

Can anyone offer any advice on whats best to use to clean the old girl up to a nice new bright white ?



Everyone has their own preferred method of cleaning the c5 bodyshell, so hopefully others will post some alternative suggestions here as well.

I tend to use Cif bathroom cleaner and a large paint brush when renovating C5's shells. To get the cleaning fluid into the "grain" of the plastic, the paint brush needs to be adpated by chopping the bristles down so that it becomes more like a scrubbing brush.

I've not used it myself, but I've heard you can use brake disc cleaner to get rid of some really ground in dirt. You really need to be very careful with such strong chemicals  :o. Another alternative is a bathroom cleaner called "astonish" which was in the cleaning kits sold via c5alive before I took over.

Some scratches can be smoothed out by using "wet and dry" sandpaper , but again care needs to be taken to avoid smoothing out the grainy finish.

The bodyshells can put up with quite a bit of abuse during the cleaning process !

Thanks for the info, I can see I'm going to have to get scrubbing :)

Retro Andy:
Hi, if you look at:- Andy's Project, you will see how mine was when i got it and in my post i detailed how i cleaned "Charlie". You simply can't clean them in one hit, i cleaned mine several times before it was ready for the road again. I find hot soapy water, a kitchen pan cleaner and jif (sorry cif) just be careful if you use brake cleaner, this is good for cleaning apart from i found out it make the headlight decals run and fade, i also used metal wool to remove some scratches, hope this also helps.

Retro Andy.

I use TFR (traffic film remover) spray it on leave it 5 mins and then get a scrubbing brush with hard brissles and some cream cleaner e.g cif (i actualy us wilkos 20p stuff lol!) and scub all of the body it comes up a treat rinse off and put on your shades as your c5 will be bright white!


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