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Schwalbe Big Apple Tyres - NOW IN STOCK


Schwalbe Big Apple Tyres now in stock

After a lot of research we have found these tyres to be the current choice of preferred tyre for the Sinclair C5.

Schwalbe "Big Apple" urban tyres with air suspension built in.
Schwalbe "The Big Apple stated off the balloon bike trend ten years ago: Comfortable cycling without using complicated technology. Air cushion tires are used as natural suspension. Inflated to around 2 bar a balloon bike rolls really easily and with a full suspension effect. A normal tire with a width of 37mm mus be inflated to a rock hard 4 bar, in order to roll similarly well."
The Big Apple has a puncture protection level 4 and are E-Bike ready up to 25km/h. This makes them the perfect tire for a Sinclair C5 as they have been designed to work with motor assisted bikes.
Prices have been listed for Single tires, Full Set and Full set with Tubes, please select the option from the drop down list.
All prices include postage to a UK address only. Please email for the cost to dispatch overseas.

Options Available are
Schwalbe Front x 1
Schwalbe Rear x 1
Schwalbe Rear x 2
Schwalbe Full Set Tyres - Includes 1 x Front & 2 x Rear
Schwalbe Full Set Tyres & Tubes - 1 x Front, 2 x Rear Tyres & 1 x Front, 2 x Rear Inner tubes
The Schwalbe Big Apple Tyres are the tyre of choice for any C5 Owner.
They are not only low rolling resistance, puncture protected, designed for motor assisted bikes but look superb on the C5 with the reflective line on the wall of each tyre, the look like they have been designed specially to fit.


My C5 has original rear wheels but I've replaced the front wheel with a metal kiddie bike one. It currently has a 2.5in wide (EDIT: 2 1/4 inch actually) tyre on it. Will this front tyre fit?


Hi Alec

I have checked and these tyre's will fit the wheel you described.

If you would like to place an order please email me at pat@c5alive.co.uk and I will let you know how to pay.


The tyres arrived on friday, and went on easily, thanks very much! I took it for a test drive almost straight away and they seemed to work great. I have them pumped up to the maximum pressure (5 bar at the back, 4 bar at the front) but the ride still feels a lot smoother than with the old tyres.


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