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wiring mess

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hi there i have a c5 which has been really hacked at wiring wise it has the original pcb but the wire  have all just been cut off

there is a sizable bunch of thin red cables which i believe is the pod display which i dont have
the  2 cables for the brushes of the motor,2 cables coming from the battery
theres wires purple /red for the light should there be 4 or 5 wires ,thats a bout as much as i can figure ,any help or  wiring diagrams would be really helpful at this point.


The bunch of red wires are the pod ones.

Hope the picture of control box will help you.


thanks this does help a bit because at least i can compare with a proper one i might still need help to know where to put the wires at the other end of the chain,do you know where thewhite wires with coloured strips connect,thanks for your help coz i need it

thats great that helps a lot but just to confirm but what are the 2 orange wires and what do the very thin grey and purple wires do,they are attached to a black plastic cap that fit into the end of the motor but what for,sorry im so thick,

cheers again

 i would be interested in then loom
 give me an email and we can discuss it cheers


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