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In order to ease putting on my C5's body I want to reomve the axle for the pedal cranks. Does anyone know the tool to do this. Its some form of special spanner I think.

Links would be welcome.


Hammer works for me thats how i do mine!

I took mine to the local cycle shop and was charged a £5, i did think of the hammer but knowing my luck would have buggered up the threads on the crank

Bit of a clear up, the part im after is the bottom crank too. The spanner that removes the bottom crank from the chassis.

My local cycle shop and halfords had one but it was a newer syle with many smaller bits. The c5 one has 5 or 6 segments.

the search goes on

Ive just thought of another method that may work, use a pair of long nose pliers and put the ends into two of the slots in the nut, take a bar and place it across the two noses of the pliers and use the bar as a big wrench

Hope this works for you


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