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Sorry, ANother tech question, 24v PWM kit.


Okay, So one of my main priorities with a C5, is to increase the hill climbing abilities... Now to my understanding, the 24v kit should help solve that problem, But what I'm concerned about is, Is the cooling fan really enough to keep the motor cool? Or will I still suffer from a lot of thermal cutout?
Another thing I want to ask is, How much better ARE it's hill climbing abilities after the conversion?

My 24v , and Hanks, both performed well at Wales.

Mine has also performed well on several of the other meetings such as the Horsham run, so I can safely say reliability seems okay ! No increased wear on drive belts etc has come to light as yet.

The only slight disadvantage is the lack of ability to carry a spare set of batterys. As a rough rule of thumb the two batteries fitted will get you as far as a standard 12v on one battery, and possibly a little further, depending on your pedalling rate.

This hasnt proved to be a problem on any of the runs I've been on because we tend to park my Sierra at the halfway point full of spare batteries  8) 

Would it be feasible to fashion a water cooling system on it?
Because I've already drawn up design plans. ^.^


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