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James Foster

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Battery questions
« on: 12, May, 2008 - 12:34:37 »
I am very new to this board. I purchased a dusty but fairly complete C5 at the weekend with a bootful of unopened extras like a horn, wing mirrors and indicators. I am keen to get her back into running condition but do not have a battery to test the mechanicals. I have purchased an ignition switch, but wondered where to get a battery, and what type of battery I will need etc. Anyone able to help my quest?? I have seen a webpage which offers for sale remanufactured C5 batteries, but wondered whether these are a necessity or are there alternatives. ???


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Re: Battery questions
« Reply #1 on: 12, May, 2008 - 15:08:20 »
Hi James & welcome to the forum  ;)

There is a similar thread -->

that pretty much answers your questions.

In short, if you stick with the original ignition switch you limit yourself to replica Sinclair batteries at about £85ish from Adam Harper. Or you can use the closest matching commercially available battery - a type 038. The standard grey Sinclair battery top just about fits,leaving you free to use the key switch.

Most of us here use a wiring kit , available through the c5alive shop, that opens up your choice to leisure and car batteries. My personal favourite at the moment being a Halfords 70ah leisure battery.

Hope this helps. ;)
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