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My 'new' Honda Cub

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On Friday I won an eBay auction for a 1980 Honda C70ZZ Cub  ;D

According to howmanyleft.co.uk there are only 3 left and are all SORNd. This one was cheap (£112) as the description lacked any detail whatsoever. All I know is that it's been stood since 1995 and that it has no paperwork. Look forward to collecting it and starting work.

I remember when these were everywhere - nice project for the school hols  :) :)

Going to collect it tomorrow morning - looking forward to it! :D

Top result mate. That brings back memories of my old Honda c90  8) They are superb for cheap commuting and the lack of power makes for some fun riding  ;D

Didn't realise they were getting so scarce now  :(.

Finally collected it this morning. I've given it a good going over and think I have a definitive list of things that need doing;

Rear mudguard and two small (2"x2") patches
Front Inner Tube

To a presentable condition;
MoT list +
Front mudguard
Honda badge for front legshield
A fair bit of paint
Wheel spokes re-chroming
Rear rack re-chroming

I carried out an oil change today, bought a new front inner tube and purchased the ignition key from keysinthepost.com, unfortunately they are closed until the 30th of July so I'm expecting the key to arrive mid-week next week.

Some pictures;


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