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Here's the collection!

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Okay, people asked for photos of what we have... we do a LOT of shows and we've been involved in a LOT of restorations.

It started off where I bought the frame of an old 50's Norman, restored that... then got another, and another, and before I knew it I was the guy in the Norman club that people asked advice from! Well, as far as vintage bicycles go, there's not really much I don't know and even parts that most enthusiasts are adament are 'rare', I know how to obtain  ;) I've been having a cull of the collection recently and I thought about doing something else a few months ago.

I'd been toying with doing a Norman Nippy for a while, it's pretty much just a bicycle with bicycle parts, and a 50cc engine on it! So, bought one, then another, then another, now we have 4  :o One has just passed it's mot and will be back on the road for the first time in nearly 25 years in a couple of weeks time!

THEN... to continue the "powered bicycle" theme... I begged my wife for a C5, and here I am now. So, I'm all clued up on restorations, show rather than use, and have a VERY understanding wife  ::) Here we go...

Number 1...

Pod not working, I think it's a control box fault so I'll be sending that for repairs as and when... will be changing from the nasty white tyres too lol! Now has a set of mirrors in the post to go on it :)

This was my first Nippy, I bought it on Ebay from Wales. It's still sitting in the garden minus a few bits that I used on others and it'll be sold in the New Year.

First of the bikes... my wife's 1935 Rudge. Pretty much all original! Lovely little bike  :)

With my wife in period costume and setting  ;D

One of my pride and joys... my 1937 Raleigh All Weather ex-Police Bicycle.

Used in and around Hampshire, 28" wheels make this a HUGE bike to ride! Very rare/unusual hub brakes, and always a head turner! Oh yeah, and me in my ARP uniform  ::)

Some of the others...

From left to right...

1960 Norman Roadster. Fully restored, now showing its age again(!)... going to be one of the ones sold in the New Year.

1950 Norman Light Roadster. My first ever restoration so means a lot to me! Learned a lot from this bike, and it my pride and joy. Usually looks stunning, but at this particular show when I took it on a lap of the showground one of the rear frame bolts popped out and nearly sent me over the handlebars! Needless to say, I tend to use the Raleigh now  8)

1940 Norman Ladies. This had a FULL restoration. Full strip/powder coating. Obscene money spent. Was going to be my wife's new bike, but when she saw it fully restored she just said "Too shiny" and stuck to her Rudge  ???

1905 Royal Sunbeam. We come by a lot of bikes that we sell on, this was on of the oldest Sunbeams known in existence, 6th at last count! Sold it for a silly amount of money  ::)


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